There Is A Professional Process For Cleaning Fabric Items In Your Home 2









Cleaning fabric items such as drapes and sofas effectively requires a trained technician that has knowledge of the best treatment equipment and chemicals.

First Choice Restoration has their own technique for the process; our certified technicians know how to thoroughly clean and treat sofas, drapes, carpets, and many other fabric covered items. Our results will lead to your satisfaction and save you money if you are thinking of replacing them. Thorough treatment with the right cleaning products is a must, upholstered sofas is one of the worst items in the home to collect soil, and while homeowners will commonly vacuum their carpets, upholstery is often neglected.

When cleaning sofas, the first step our technician will take is to vacuum up any loose debris. After that, our technician will use a high-powered vacuum to remove any matted soil that remains. This will prevent soil from being pushed into the sofa and causing further damage to the fabric during the rest of the cleaning process. A conditioner is evenly applied to the sofa after vacuuming, that will loosen any remaining embedded soil and cause it to release from the fabric. We will then agitate the fabric to ensure that the conditioner reaches deep into the fabric. This will be done with a powered agitator. The conditioner only needs a short time to work. Then we will rinse the fabric with a special wand that runs a small jet of water over the fabric and ultimately extracts it.

Now the sofa only needs a few hours to dry and it will be ready for use once again.









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