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Cherry Hill, NJ smoke damage cleanup

Cherry Hill, NJ smoke damage cleanup

A building fire can be a very scary experience to live through, but don’t worry; First Choice Restoration of Cherry Hill, NJ will be right by your side. You can trust our IICRC specialists to clean your smoke damaged building and personal property thoroughly. Read on to learn more about why you need First Choice Restoration to clean your smoke damaged property.


A fire, and the smoke that follows, can truly impact the structural integrity of a building. For this reason, never enter your building until the appropriate authorities have declared it all right to do so.

Our Professionals have the skills and knowledge to inspect and repair smoke damage without sustaining any injury. Remember that even a single ash and other residue left behind can be dangerous, so never attempt to clean your smoke damaged building yourself.


Smoke odor particles (soot) coming from a building fire, leaves a black powdery substance consisting mainly of carbon that is “produced by the incomplete burning of organic matter.” A nonprofessional may make the mistake of painting their walls and ceiling before the walls and ceiling have been properly cleaned. Wasting time and money to do this will not work in the long term. When there is a humid or rainy day you will most likely smell the odor again.


Our professionals remove as much soot as they can without using any type of liquid, since liquid can make soot stain more easily. If there is loose soot on your carpet, curtains, upholstery or any fabric item, we remove it by using a special vacuum cleaner dedicated to removing soot particles. Never use a regular vacuum cleaner to clean soot, it will not thoroughly do the job and can embed the soot into fabric items. The correct procedure to clean soot off of most walls and ceilings is to use chemical sponges that are specially designed for soot cleanup and must be done by a professional that knows how to use them. We clean plastic or pvc surfaces using a special alkali detergent to remove soot which may activate with humidity and cause permanent staining.

We use special equipment such as negative air scrubbers and, if need be, a thermal fogger to neutralize smoke in the air and behind walls and ceilings.

Individuals interested in hiring an established fire and smoke cleanup company in Cherry Hill, NJ area can contact First Choice Restoration by calling 1-800-370-0770. Let First Choice Restoration, be your first choice!


About First Choice Restoration

First Choice Restoration is a water, mold, fire, and smoke remediation company headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. We also operate additional offices throughout other areas of Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, and Delaware. We have been assisting homeowners and businesses with water, mold, fire, and smoke cleanup for over 40 years.



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