Smoke Damage After A Fire Must Be Handled Correctly 3

smoke-damage-PhiladelphiaAt some point in your life you are likely to experience a fire or serious smoke damage to your business or home. Property owners should never handle the cleanup by themselves. The first step is to call First Choice Restoration of Philadelphia. When it comes to fire and smoke, it is best to leave the cleanup and restoration to our IICRC professionals. Our professionals can help determine which items may be salvageable and what can be refurbished rather than replaced. Otherwise, you may be wasting your time or creating further damage to your property.

After contacting First Choice Restoration, immediately contact your insurance company. All property insurance policies cover fire and smoke damage. We accept direct insurance payments. This means no out-of-pocket expense to you and we coordinate our services with your insurance company.

It is extremely important to thoroughly clean and deodorize a smoke damaged building and personal property, the alternative can be even more expensive. Improperly treated buildings and personal property may be a health hazard and the expense of proper renovation at a later point may not be covered by insurance.

Our game plan is to get the air clean; we use negative air scrubbers and ozone generators to accomplish this goal. Keeping the air circulating with heavy-duty fans, especially if there was water damage, is a must to prevent mold. In colder weather your heating system will assist in removing moisture. In some instances, we will remove your furnace filter until soot accumulation decreases. We will remove or professionally clean your carpets depending on the degree of soot. The walls, floors and ceiling will be treated with chemical sponges. Smoke odors may remain on upholstered furniture, clothing, and fabric items – professional cleaning is recommended. We may also use counteracting agents that will assist in breaking up smoke odors. These agents may be applied to furniture, bedding, curtains, carpets, fabric items, and clothing. Also, we will replace insulation and clean the duct work.

Let First Choice Restoration Be Your First Choice in fire and smoke damage cleanup. We can be reached at 1-800-370-0770 or


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