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firedamagefirstchoice  When a property is exposed to fire damage, cleanup is a necessary step since soot, ash and water will cause further damage to your home or business. The problem is the water and chemicals used to control the fire can also cause secondary damage to the home.

The untrained homeowner will attempt their own cleaning methods (such as using household cleaning products or using a steam cleaner), which can leave an even bigger mess in their property. The chemicals found in common cleaning products can react adversely to the remnants of the fire damage and may even cause permanent damage to the structure. What property owners don’t know is that fire damage cleanup is an extremely difficult job and that hiring a professional is the only way to ensure your home or business doesn’t sustain permanent damage.

When selecting a firm make sure that they have the proper training. It is best to hire a firm that is IIRC-certified. The IIRC is the standard in the restoration industry, and is a quality control standard used in the restoration industry. First Choice Restoration is an IIRC-certified company and is specifically trained in fire damage restoration. You can be sure that they can get your home looking good as new at a reasonable cost.

First Choice Restoration is up to date on the latest technology and techniques in the restoration industry. All of our workers participate in continuing education courses to ensure that they are up to date on the restoration process. For more information and to learn how First Choice Restoration can cleanup your home call 1-800-370-0770


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