How to Identify Mold in Your Home- A Guide to Mold Removal 2

firstchoicemoldQuickly Identify Mold

 After water damage occurs, it is important to quickly identify mold; since a damp environment is ideal for its growth. It is important to mitigate mold right away because it can destroy household materials such as, drywall, wood, and cloth. Not only is mold dangerous for your home it is hazardous to your health.

Mold releases spores into the air as it grows. You and your family will be breathing in these spores daily until the problem is mitigated. Health issues caused by mold include: infections, allergic reactions, harsh coughing, and hay fever. Depending on the severity of mold growth, you may need to evacuate your home until the mold is removed.

Mold is clearly dangerous for your home and health. That’s why it is important to call an IICRC certified mold remediation company as soon as you notice any mold in your home.


What can Cause Mold?

Every home naturally has a certain level of mold, as a property owner this is nothing to worry about. Mold only becomes a problem if there is an unacceptable level. If you suspect that there is an unnatural level of mold in your property call an IIRC certified mold remediation company to conduct tests. Mold is likely to grow in your home at unhealthy levels when you have a roof leak, a lack of ventilation, a basement flood, or a concentration of condensation. Signs of mold concentration include:

  • Musty odors
  • Long term dampness
  • Stained or discolored walls
  • Peeled paint or bubbling wallpaper
  • Unusual health conditions like a runny nose or itchy eyes

Mold Removal

A remediation company is trained to remove and prevent the spread of mold. A remediation company can conduct tests to determine where the greatest concentration of mold is in your home and then execute a plan of action. First Choice Restoration is a certified mold removal company in Philadelphia, PA that is trained in the following techniques.

  • Determining the source of water or mold
  • Testing and Identifying mold
  • Restoring your property
  • Using specialized drying techniques to make sure the mold doesn’t return
  • Advising the homeowner how to decrease the chance of mold returning


For more information on how a remediation company can help you fight against mold contact First Choice Restoration at 1-800-370-0770. Open 24 Hours 7 Days a Week! Serving Philadelphia, PA, Burlington County, Gloucester County, Camden County, Maryland, New Jersey, and Delaware.


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