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Water Damage is one of the largest nuisances for Philadelphia, PA homeowners. Water damage can erode the walls of your home, grow mold, and even cause foul odors. If you suspect water damage in your home don’t hesitate to call First Choice Restoration, the first choice in water damage remediation in the Philadelphia, PA area. However, the best way to avoid water damage is to prevent it from ever occurring.  By following simple steps described below, you can ensure that your home isn’t effected by preventable water damage.

Inspect your Ceilings

Water damage will often show up first on your ceilings. Worn out shingles and roofs won’t stop water properly.  In fact, water can enter even the tiniest hole. Rain will eventually erode the wood beams and supports on your roof, so if the homeowner suspects water damage, the roof must first be inspected. The homeowner should make sure to have annual roof inspections to ensure that the interior of the home does not get damaged by water.


Check the Home’s Foundation

Water can also enter through cracks in your home’s foundation. The home will naturally settle overtime, but damage could also be cause by poor drainage. Sometimes drains and downspouts are poorly located causing the water not to flow properly away from the home. Water that is poorly transported will erode the soil that supports the home’s foundation.  In addition to getting annual roof inspections it is also highly recommended that the homeowner schedules annual foundation inspections.

Check your Appliances

Appliances can also cause unwanted water damage. Some appliances are connected to the main water line. Cracks in your plumbing or in the supply line can cause big problems if left untreated. Small cracks can be created suddenly and it may take time for the damage to show. You can inspect the water lines in your home easily. To inspect your appliances, make sure that you know where your shut off valves are located and turn off your water supply.


If you are a homeowner who suspects water damage, don’t hesitate to call First Choice Restoration. First Choice Restoration has been restoring homes in the Philadelphia, PA area for over forty years with additional offices around surrounding counties.


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