What do I do After a House Fire? 2

FirstchoicehousefireThe first few days following a house fire will probably be some of the most overwhelming of your life.  Salvaging what remains of your home and possessions isn’t an easy task. Recovering from a house fire is an emotional process and it may be difficult to think correctly at first. However, when put in perspective all items are replaceable.  Just because a house fire is overwhelming emotionally, doesn’t mean it must be overwhelming financially. Following a proper disaster plan can save the homeowner time and money rebuilding their lives.

Organization is key following a fire. File your claim with your insurance provider right away, but be sure to keep any documentation concerning the fire. Be sure to submit a proof of loss as soon as possible, so your insurance company can begin adjusting your loss. Also, the homeowner should document any conversation they have with their insurance company, that way no miscommunication happens.

Most importantly, a fire damage restoration company in Philadelphia, should be called immediately following a fire. The restoration company will work with your insurance provider to provide this service. A restoration company will board up your home, remove any odors, and clean any soot caused by the fire. Soot and ash must be removed from the home as soon as possible, since they can cause permanent discoloration and infections.  Make sure you hire an IIRC certified restoration company in Trenton, NJ when restoring your home. An IIRC certification means that the restoration company has been approved by the state and can restore your home safely.  First Choice Restoration is a Philadelphia, PA restoration company that meets this strict standard and has been restoring homes for 40 years.

About First Choice Restoration

First Choice Restoration is a water, mold, fire, and smoke remediation company headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. The company also operates additional offices throughout other areas of Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, and Delaware. The company has been assisting homeowners and businesses with water, mold, fire, and smoke cleanup for over 40 years.

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