Prevent Water Damage to your Basement Furnace This Winter Season

If you live in a colder climate, you know that your home will have to brave the elements during the winter season. Constant cold and harsh weather will eventually cause your home damage.  One common winter household disaster is water damage to furnaces in basements.

One of the most important systems in your home during the colder months is your furnace.  When water damages your furnace during the winter months it can make your winter unbearable. If water damages your furnace call a restoration company in Marlton, NJ right away to remove the additional water in the area.

Furnaces are typically hidden in the crawl space, basement, or closet. Unfortunately, your furnace may not be elevated properly, and water can permanently damage it. The best and easiest solution is to elevate the furnace, so water no longer enters the area. If your furnace is in an unfinished basement, you can pour concrete around the area to conceal it from potential hazards. Finally, if the furnace is in a closet, you can simply protect it with a wooden box.

Even if your furnace is protected, your basement is still at risk during the winter months. Pipe bursts from pipe freezing can leave your basement a mess. Calling a reliable water mitigation company in Bristol, PA can make all the difference. The water mitigation company can set up fans, dry the area, and remove any damaged area from the basement. They will ensure that the water damaged walls, moldings, and materials are properly removed. They will also ensure that mold is destroyed or prevented from growing in your basement.

Don’t suffer through the winter months, call a licensed mitigation company today!  If you are a homeowner who suspects water damage, don’t hesitate to call First Choice Restoration. First Choice Restoration has been restoring homes in the Philadelphia, PA area for over forty years with additional offices around surrounding counties.

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