Steps to Take When a Pipe Burst Occurs

Pipe Burst

Pipe Burst

Dealing with a pipe burst will eventually happen to a home owner or business owner. If a pipe bust occurs, immediate action is required.  Untreated water can cause multiple problems to a building. Mold, steel rust, rotting wood, and delaminating of materials such as plywood are all examples of issues that can develop from a pipe burst.  If water damage is suspected, professional assistance should be sought out immediately.


Pipe Burst Prevention

Multiple steps can be taken to ensure the safety of the pipes in a home.

  • Insulate: Insulating the pipes and faucets in a home is crucial. In areas that are less susceptible to heat, a pipe freeze is more common. Places in a home with less heat should be wrapped with insulated foam. Examples of these areas would be a garage or a crawl space.
  • Faucet Drip: Keeping an even flow of water moving through a plumbing system will prevent freezing.
  • Seal Cracks: Adding caulk to windows and door frames will also assist in the safety of a households plumbing. Holding heat in is almost as important as keeping the cold out.

Health Hazards

Untreated water will eventually turn into mold. Mold can cause many health issues in a person. Difficulty breathing is one of the many different side effects. Breathing difficulty is caused by mold particles getting into the nasal passage. The body’s response is a hay fever-like reaction. The particles attacking the nose can also trigger an asthmatic response in the lungs. As a body is fighting all of those responses, it is also common to feel tired, nauseous, congested, and experience frequent headaches or migraines. Direct exposure typically results in a rash. Medical attention and professional cleanup should be the next step.



There are many different restoration methods. Different methods are used based on the severity of the problem. Water damage restoration can be performed by several different sources including: property management teams, building maintenance personnel, or even a home owner themselves. It is recommended to hire a licensed remediation company that can appropriately assess the damage and draw up the repair plan to solve the problem. This will also assist in future prevention.

About First Choice

First Choice Restoration is a water, mold, smoke, and fire remediation company based in Philadelphia, PA. The company also has offices throughout other areas of Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, and Delaware. The company has been aiding in remediation services for over 40 years. If disaster strikes, let them be your first choice. To contact First Choice Restoration, go to or call 1-800-370-0770.

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