Preventing Mold in Carpets

carpet mold




When people think of mold they often think of their walls but not their carpets.  Mold can affect many surfaces including carpets.


How Does it Grow?

Mold spores are everywhere and all they need to grow is a damp surface, oxygen, and an organic food source.  When carpeting gets wet and is not properly dried mold can grow rapidly due to dust and dander trapped in the carpet. If the carpet stays wet for an extended period of time, then the mold will continue to grow.


Signs of Mold in Carpet

If a carpet gets wet and does not dry within 48 hours, then there may be carpet mold. Some visible signs of mold in or on carpeting is discoloration or visible mold growth (which can be spotty of fuzzy). However, the color and texture of a carpet may camouflage the mold making it hard to visually identity. It should also be noted that if the carpet pad gets wet and does not dry completely then mold can grow from the bottom up. In this case a homeowner should rely on their sense of smell to identify mold. Mold has a strong musty odor.


Preventing and Removing Carpet Mold

Mold prevention is usually as simple as not carpeting certain areas in the home that are more humid, i.e. the basement, bathrooms, or laundry room. If those areas are carpeted a dehumidifier should be run to reduce the moisture in the air.

If water gets into the carpet due to a leak or flood water will need to be extracted by a professional restoration company. After the water is extracted the company brings in air movers and dehumidifiers to completely dry out the area. In this situation, some carpeting or carpet padding may not be able to be saved and will be removed.

Additionally, if the mold is not remediated and it spreads and covers an extensive area then a mold remediation specialist should be contacted to remove the damaged carpeting so that no further damage occurs and the mold does not put the homeowner’s health at risk.



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