Winter Weather Damage









Winters in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey area can be extremely cold and wet. Which can cause damage to homes. Water damage caused by winter weather should be cleaned up by a licensed professional such as First Choice Restoration, LLC.


Top Causes of Winter Water Damage:


Burst or Frozen Pipes

Pipes that are frozen can build up large amounts of pressure which can lead to cracks/breaks in the pipe and eventual flooding when the ice melts. To avoid this, homeowners should make sure that all outer walls and exposed pipes are insulated properly. Holes and cracks in exterior walls should be patched so that cold air will not enter and reach the pipes. Exposed pipes should be protected from the cold temperatures, this can be accomplished by wrapping them with insulated tape or towels. If leaving the home for a few days or if temperatures will be below freezing, then a homeowner should leave their faucets at a slight drip. Cabinets under sinks should be left open for the circulation of warm air.


Ice Dams and Roof Leaks

Icicles may look pretty; however, they can cause damage to a home. If the gutters of a home are clogged, then snow that melts off the roof will not pass through the gutter system properly. The water trapped in the gutters will unfreeze and refreeze causing what is called an ice dam, a wall of built-up icicles. The water from the melted ice dams can damage a room and seep into attics causing structural problems and mold. Water that melts from hanging icicles can pool and freeze next to the foundation of a home and cause more damage. Homeowners should make sure that their gutters are clean and free of debris before snow comes.


If damage occurs to your home this winter due to any of the above listed causes, you should call First Choice Restoration, LLC to come and remediate the water damage. Water damage should be taken care of by a certified technician and it should be taken care of immediately so that mold does not grow.


First Choice Restoration’s highly trained mold cleanup and restoration team will take the needed professional approach to solving your mold issues. To help restore your home and get back your peace of mind, call us now at 800.370.0770.


When disaster strikes, and you need mold cleanup! Call First Choice Restoration! We are here for you!



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