Drying Out Concrete

First choice Restoration wet concrete dry out

First choice Restoration wet concrete dry out



Drying out a home after water damage is extremely important. Moisture mixed with humidity can lead to more mold, additional damage, and health risks. Everything within the home, from the ceilings to the flooring needs to be properly dried out. This includes any concrete within the home.

When a contractor with little to no experience is drying out properties, they assume that the concrete is already dry. However, they are wrong, shortly after they install new floors over the concrete problems start to occur.

One thing that can create the more of a problem is that use of water-based adhesives. When using water-based adhesives on flooring that that is going on concrete that has not completely dried then the adhesive will not cure properly.

Moisture that would normally evaporate from the concrete gets absorbed by the adhesive. When the adhesive absorbs more water, it cannot properly stick to the concrete floor. Thus, the floor is soft and movable. Blistering and bubbling can also occur in the flooring.

Thus, a water damage should be properly dried out before any work is done within the home.


How to properly dry water damages:

A professional restoration company is required to properly dry out a home after a water damage.  Only after the home is professionally dried out can new flooring be installed onto the concrete.  There are some things that are crucial to properly drying out a property:



Containment chambers will help with the evaporation of water from the concrete flooring. These chambers can be either boxes or bubbles of plastic taped to the floor. When trapping the moisture release from the concrete the correct humidity is easier to reach.

Thermo Hygrometers and meters:

Thermo-hygrometers and other meters are used to determine if the concrete floor is reaching the correct humidity. To install carpeting or tile floor the humidity needs to be below 72%. Wood floor needs a humidity level of below 70% to be installed.  Sometimes flooring will need additional drying.


Dehumidifiers lower air temperatures in moisture laden spaces. This, in return, helps the dehumidifier remove excess moisture from the air passing through it.

Additional Drying:

Additional drying may need to occur before new flooring is placed down. This can be achieved through removing the boundary layer from the surface of the concrete. Air movement helps significantly in the process of drying out concrete.


If you have experienced water damage and have concrete floors, contact First Choice Restoration by visiting their website or by speaking with a customer service representative by calling 800-370-0770. Let First Choice Restoration be your first choice!



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