First Choice Roof Inspection
Summertime brings opportunities for relaxation and fun in the sun.  The summer also brings opportunities for property owners to catch up on much needed household maintenance. Although, the property owner may not want to interrupt their lazy summer days with chores, the season is the most convenient to inspect roofs. […]

How to Fix and Identify Roof Leaks During the Summer ...

Water Stain First Choice Restoration 1
Roofing leaks, plumbing problems, and natural disasters can all water damage. An unfortunate consequence of water damage is stained ceilings. Water stained ceilings are an eyesore for the property owner and they should be removed immediately. In addition to the consequences of an unattractive ceiling, water can collect and cause […]

How to Fix Water Stained Ceilings in Camden NJ

First Choice Storm 2
Wind is often an overlooked cause of property damage, especially for those who don’t live in an area affected by tropical storms. Even though storms are a common occurrence, they can cost a property owner thousands of dollars in damage if they are unprepared. Follow these common-sense tips when protecting […]

How to Reduce Storm Damage

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Quickly Identify Mold  After water damage occurs, it is important to quickly identify mold; since a damp environment is ideal for its growth. It is important to mitigate mold right away because it can destroy household materials such as, drywall, wood, and cloth. Not only is mold dangerous for your […]

How to Identify Mold in Your Home- A Guide to ...

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  When a property is exposed to fire damage, cleanup is a necessary step since soot, ash and water will cause further damage to your home or business. The problem is the water and chemicals used to control the fire can also cause secondary damage to the home. The untrained […]

Fire Damage Cleanup

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When the fire is over and the firefighters leave the scene, the danger has not passed and the building is not safe from further destruction. You will need the professionals at First Choice Restoration to help clean the fire and smoke damage. We help to return your home or commercial […]

What Happens Next When The Fire is Over?